Every Tallit Tells a Tale

Every Tallit Tells a Tale (2005, 240 pp., paper) is an inspired and inspiring collection of never-before-published essays and poems, all focusing on how a tallit (prayer shawl) figures in and enriches each writer’s spiritual life. This anthology reveals how the fringes of the tallit tie together generations within a family and generations within the larger family of all Jews. Tallit designers mesh their spiritual and creative urges as they weave, sew or knit prayer shawls for themselves or their loved ones. And for many writers – women especially – donning a tallit for the first time and uttering the age-old bracha (blessing), once exclusively reserved for men, takes on monumental significance.

This extraordinary collection of never-before-published stories will resonate with your own life, your own experience. Whether the fabric of Judaism has always wrapped you in its embrace, or you have simple touched its fringes, these stories will hold a warm familiarity.

Here is a microcosm of the Jewish experience, made of the whole cloth of one of the most recognizable and meaningful symbols of religious observance – the tallit.


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Comments from Readers

“An inspired writer and spirited teacher” – Rabbi David Nesson, Morristown Jewish Center (NJ)

“An engaging speaker and teacher of Judaism” – Rabbi Aryeh Meir, The Academy for Jewish Religion, NYC

“A highly motivated, well-prepared teacher and educator” –  Rabbi Joel Soffin, Founder and President, Jewish Helping Hands Foundation, NYC.